A little about us. We are an Environmental and Wellness Organization. We are located in the Republic of the Philippines – but have an international reach! Our organization is all-inclusive – we take all environmental and wellness opinions – and share with the world! Now, we also reserve the right to scrub or edit some posts. People and other organizations have a tendency to be zealots – wanting to overthrow those that do not believe as they do. This is an open forum for ideas, products, improvements. We do not adhere to environmental or wellness “wacko’s” that espouse immediate radical idea’s. If that is your purpose of joining this group – you may find it hard to get your point across! Let me introduce some fantastic products and services we offer – and the list is growing!

We are a distributor of My Daily Choice - MyDailySprays gives you the right ingredients and delivery system to give you more energy and proper nutrition for your body. Customers have claimed that our sprays helped them maintain a healthy lifestyle. You deserve a life filled with joy and happiness!

We also have a therapy massage oil that is all natural ingredients and has proven healing properties. It's organic property is safe for all age brackets, long lasting, effective and you will get more than the value of your money. PhilNONI is also a great health juice drink that has a lot of benefits and has clinically proven to aid with diseases.

Xtreme Fuel Treatment – NOBEL PRIZE WINNER! Chemistry! Increases Fuel Mileage Prolongs Engine Life Improves Performance Reduces Harmful Emissions Plantex All-Natural, Organic Products Made from Banana Enzymes Insects don’t like Banana’s – no need to use harmful chemicals for insect repellant Replaces most chemicals! Organic, All-Natural – NO FLUORIDE Toothpaste! Before FLUORIDE – most knew to use Guava! Malunggay! A personal story – I was involved in a motorcycle accident. Had my thumb cut very badly – nail coming off – bleeding profusely. Betadine did not stop the bleeding – direct pressure did not stop the bleeding. I was given Malunggay leaves to place on the bleeding area – the bleeding stopped almost immediately! We have Malunggay products available!

View more info on the website! We are in a continual search of all-natural, environmentally safe products for use by our current and future customers. We offer products and services that are cost effective, work every time, and are proven.


P.S. – the staff will be also posting – as we invite all of you – I have also asked the staff here to post as they experience the shows, seminars, meetings, and just plain joy of meeting some fantastic people, organizations, churches, etc.

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