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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Reposted from digital biz know-how!  This informaion is important for Environmentalists and people, organizations, etc. – this is where we are headed!  It is important to get into the habit of awareness, advocacy, and education!  Hmmm…can a byte be harmful to the environment?  If one can – how about a yottabyte! How about many, many yottabytes! Continue reading

O K – stuck in traffic – happens in Manila – and listening to the radio – an “Environmental TidBit” came on – it was insane for this country.  The jist of the radio broadcast was people with small engines – such as tractors and weed-wackers should go to battery or electric power vs. gas powered.  Now – i asked many people if they even knew what a “weed-wacker” was!  Not one person had a clue! What about the electricity and what juices up the batteries?

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I was on Manila Bay the other night – dinner cruise with a beautiful woman.  It was really beautiful watching the sun go down, the lights of the city coming on and shining in all colors from the water.  THEN – THAT SMELL HIT US!  As we are eating dinner – the awful smell from the water rolled in and spoiled the entire trip. Continue reading

MERCED COUNTY, Calif. — Over 50 decomposing cow carcasses were found partially buried in manure near a Merced County, Calif. dairy, according to KFSN-TV.

The Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (Water Board) says these are serious violations that could have implications on the area’s groundwater, stated the article. Continue reading

We are proud to introduce an idea that is taking hold here in the Philippines – the Solar Light Bulb!  We invite your attention to an exciting new way of recycling and improving lives!  Improving lives?  How? This has become a livelihood program for many people – we have personally experienced two families that are lifting themselves out of poverty providing light to dark places – RECYCLING! Continue reading

As we discussed previously, Asia Verde Group is an Environmental and WELLNESS company.  We have discovered some natural, organic healing and wellness products that are out of the mainstream internationally, but should be used by everyone.  One of these products

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A little about us.  We are an Environmental and Wellness Organization.  We are located in the Republic of the Philippines – but have an international reach! Our organization is all-inclusive – we take all environmental and wellness opinions – and share with the world!  Now, 

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