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Hi my name is lyn. At age 40 i was diagnosed with diabetic keo acidosis .i was hospitalized and started on insulin .i was sent home with dependency on insulin for the rest of my 1996 i was introduced to noni fruit juice .within 1 months time my sugar levels began to drop .my doctor ordered lab work ,when i returned he was amazed at the regression of sugar levels ,and the restoration of my eyesight and regrowth of my hair.i experienced no more pain in my arithic knee which i had surgery energy boosted up to high levels .i have never felt this well in all my life.and i have had a tremendous loss of weight in the amount of 25 lbs in 1 months time.thank you for taking the time to listen to my testimony and hope you also take the time to try the noni fruit juice or pills .lyn.

Dialysis Patient
By Gladys Hackwell

My husband Melvin is a dialysis patient three times a week with four hour sessions. When he started on the Noni juice he did not have any energy, he did not even feel like eating. The second day he was on the Noni Juice he ate a large breakfast and had more energy. He also had bumps under the skin on his back, plus a rash on his stomach, the rashes disappeared in three days. His dialysis time was reduced 15 minutes after being on the Noni juice two weeks.

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