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MERCED COUNTY, Calif. — Over 50 decomposing cow carcasses were found partially buried in manure near a Merced County, Calif. dairy, according to KFSN-TV.

The Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (Water Board) says these are serious violations that could have implications on the area’s groundwater, stated the article.

“The unhealthy and dangerous conditions at this small dairy are severe,” said Water Board Executive Officer Pamela Creedon. “The vast majority of dairy operators in the Central Valley Region work hard to follow good environmental practices and to abide by the Dairy General Order. This dairy’s lack of good management practices and blatant disregard for the law impacts both surface and groundwater, posing dangers to public health and polluting the waters of the State of California.”

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The purpose we reposted this information was to show just how interconnected we really are! Here in the local village where we live in Cainta, Rizal – the groundwater is horrible – not drinkable – but over 1,000 homes have septic tanks – many leak – and the groundwater is not unusable for human consumption.

We need to all be aware of our environment! If we all just take a moment and think about the trash we throw on the ground, where we put trash, and how we affect others – it might make a difference. This is not a call for radical changes – start with yourself – be aware – advocate – and educate!

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