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‘m Super Excited to be able to share with all of you something new and exciting within the travel industry. Expedia, Orbitz, and Travelocity and the entire travel industry are about to have a MAJOR rival.
I am giving away $500 COLD HARD CASH that can be used towards your next vacation get-a-way and all you have to do and enter the contest through Facebook.
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‘m Super Excited to be able to share with all of you something new and exciting within the travel industry. Expedia, Orbitz, and Travelocity and the entire travel industry are about to have a MAJOR rival.
I am giving away $500 COLD HARD CASH that can be used towards your next vacation get-a-way and all you have to do and enter the contest through Facebook.
Good luck, someone will be $500 richer in the next 5 days!
Click the link to register for the contest!
?#?TravelOn? ?#?LaunchMode?

What the heck is going on?  When fuel prices rise, so does our food bill, heating bills, transportation costs, etc.  It is just crazy! Is there anything we can do about it?  Our buying power was reduced by over 8% in the last year?  To a southern, country boy, that means I spend more with less to live!

Checkout  Asia Green is an Environmental and Wellness Company.  We bring the best of the world to the world!  We found a product that will increase mileage, reduce pollution, extend the life of engines, and improve performance.  Xtreme Fuel Treatment (XFT)!

I personally use XFT – I went from 22KM’s per Liter to 38KM’s per Liter – wow!  how?  well – when I checked – it has a direct corresponding factor to the quality of the fuel I am using.  The general sate of the quality of fuel available here is less than stellar – so this product works even better!

How long as XFT been in the market?  over 20 years!  XFT uses Nobel Prize Winning Technology!  Check out the Nobel Prize for Chemistry of 1973.  Anyone can look up this information – this technology is incorporated into XFT!

Originally XFT was used to stop diesel fuel from separating in generators – the fuel would sit for months, sometimes years – and would separate.  When it was time to use the generator – it wouldn’t start!  Adding XFT at a 10,000 to 1 dilution ration (makes it very economical!) would ensure the diesel would be fresh for over 20 years!  Also, when NASA was trying to launch rockets – the rockets would burn all the fuel immediately – big boom and no rockets!  The ingredients of XFT were used to lower the burn rate – called a burn rate modifier – which allowed more of the fuel to burn at a lower temperature.  Actually makes sense.  That black stuff coming out the back is normally unburnt fuel – which we are paying for and polluting the environment.  Using XFT will ensure more of the fuel is burnt – leading to more efficiency – lowering the temperature which allows to longer life of oil and the engine!

Easy to use – has all the test results and information for getting some XFT!  We look forward to serving everyone in the near future!  All the contact information is located at the website – so drop a line – let us know your story!

Sheesh – some people actually will question science and spend more and more of their own money – which is worth less – to live!  Lets make sense!  Oh, some people will question “additives!”  Take a look at what is in the fuel today – lots and lots of additives – most destructive – but mandated by the government!  What buying power we have left – lets use it wisely!


Which do you spend more time looking at, the mirror or the window?
Once there was a person who lived in a modest little house.

On one wall there hung a mirror right next to a window. Every time this person passed them by, they would stop and glance toward them and then go upon their way.

After a while the person became unhappy and unkind. They would often ask themselves why people act the way they do and why aren’t things go the way they want them to go. Life in general became a struggle and the person felt they were stuck in a rutted path with little hope of getting out. No matter what they tried, they just couldn’t seem to lift themselves up and onto a smoother road.
Then one day, the person noticed, possibly for the first time, that there actually was a window on the wall next to the mirror. They started looking out the window to the world and people around them. One day, the person was looking out the window and saw an elderly neighbor struggling with some yard work. The person hurried outside and helped the elderly neighbor, who thanked them over and over for the kind help.

On another day, the person noticed a boy riding his bike when all of a suddenly, a car drove by real fast and frightened the young lad. He reacted to the car and swerved his bike, striking the curb and crashing. The person ran out the door and down the street to the boy who was lying on the ground, crying and bleeding from a scraped knee and elbow. The person did what they could to comfort the boy and then helped him home to his mom, who also thanked the person over and over for helping.

The person noticed that the window had gotten very dirty over time, so they got out their cleaning supplies and scrubbed the window, inside and out, until there wasn’t a single speck or smudge to be seen. Putting the cleaning supplies away, the person hurried back inside so they could look out the window and really see what was happening.
The person began to realize that it gave them a good feeling when they saw others in need and helped them. It wasn’t long before other people started treating the person kinder than they had before. They would wave and say hi, where before they would often turn and look the other way.

Life in general seemed happier and brighter. The problems that came up didn’t seem as stressing as they once had. The person actually looked forward to looking out the window at everyone else.

One day, as the person was walking to the window, they happened to notice that there was a mirror hanging on wall next to the window. The mirror was now covered in dust and smudges and didn’t reflect very well. It was then that the person realized that all those years of unhappiness and struggle had taken place when they had been looking in the mirror and focusing on themselves. But once they started looking out the window at others, their focus changed and so did their life. The person thought about cleaning up the mirror so that it once again yielded a bright reflection, but after a few moments thinking about it, the person walked over to the closet and gently placed the mirror behind some a box on the floor. Closing the closet door, the person, with a big smile on their face, eagerly returned to the window where they could focus on others instead of themselves.

Today’s society wants you to spend your time in focusing on the image in the mirror. The world stresses that it’s all about you and what you can get from others and the government. You are what’s important and your needs supersedes those of others. It makes people feel like they are entitled to many privileges and handouts as possible. Spending too much time looking into the mirror only leads one to think of me, me, ME!

But Jesus taught us not only by His words but by His actions to look out the window and focus our attention on others. As Creator of the Universe, He had every right to demand to be treated like the king of kings. Instead, he washed the feet of his disciples. In the culture of that time, this was one of the lowest and most disgusting jobs reserved for slaves and people who were indentured to pay off a debt. Yet, Christ lowered Himself to the lowest of the low. He showed us that our focus is out the window and on others.

I use to spend my time looking in the mirror and I can tell you that I was a miserable person to be around. I was angry, harsh, bitter and snapped at almost everything. I would find myself staying up nights worrying about my needs and how I was going to fulfill them. I didn’t like people and I really didn’t like myself.
Then I met Jesus Christ and learned from His example. He taught me to look out the window at others instead of looking at myself in the mirror. My life changed. I wasn’t as angry or bitter. I didn’t snap at everyone nearly as much as I still sometimes do. I also discovered that they more I looked out the window at others, my own problems didn’t see as bad and life wasn’t so ugly anymore. I saw people much worse off than I was and learned to not only appreciate what little had, but how much better I felt when I shared it with others.

Most people are too busy these days staring in the mirror and focusing on themselves. If more of us would start looking out the window at others and doing what we could to work with and help others, our nation would be very different. There would be far less people on welfare and walking around demanding government handouts. Learning to focus on others and their needs would eventually help the economy, create jobs, and save us from becoming the hedonistic nation we are.

So, which do you spend more time looking at, the mirror or the window?

Read the title again. It makes sense.  I say this  as I learn each day – which means that yesterday I didn’t know what I would learn today.

There is a situation where my cultural background gets into the way.  As an American, I was designed to think big and know that if you reach out, you can reach up.  However, as I try and help people – especially in different cultures – most of the people are satisfied where they are – which is so foreign to me.

Share your adventures and tell all of us your thoughts.  I love waking up knowing that I will be smarter when my head hits the pillow at night.  Some knowledge may not be what I wanted – but it is knowledge.

Regards to all – best to you and yours!

O K – that’s enough for now.  Oh heck, here a story you might enjoy.

An Irish Family Tradition

Paddy, had long heard the stories of an amazing family tradition.

It seems that his father, grandfather and great-grandfather had all been able to walk on water on their 18th birthday.

On that special day, they’d each walked across the lake to the pub on the far side for their first legal drink.

So when Paddy’s, 18th birthday came ’round, he and his pal Mick, took a boat out to the middle of the lake, Paddy, stepped out of the boat …and nearly drowned!

Mick just barely managed to pull him to safety.

Furious and confused, Paddy, went to see his grandmother.

‘Grandma,’ he asked, “It’s my 18th birthday, so why can’t I walk ‘cross the lake like my father, his father, and his father before him?”

Granny looked deeply into Paddy’s, troubled brown eyes and said, “Because your father, your grandfather and your great grandfather were all born in December, when the lake is frozen, and you were born in August, ya dip.

Have a great day!  Enough of so much seriousness – time for a nap!


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