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I discovered a new (for me) alternative to chemicals. I bought some and will be reporting the results in future posts. However, we will be introducing this product on our website and have made available PhilNoni to the world! Some information:

PhilNONI™, a nature’s blend of antioxidant, anti-stress, anti-ageing elements Continue reading

The Staff and Advocates of Asia Verde Group would like to extend our best wishes to everyone.  Please be safe, be with family, and most of all- take time to reflect all the wonderful gifts and God-Given blessings in our lives.


Humbly and Respectfully Submitted,


Kevin for the wonderful Staff and Advocates of Asia Verde Group!



I recently posted about an experience on Manila Bay – and the horrible smell and condition of the bay. I am happy to report two items: and

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Reposted from digital biz know-how!  This informaion is important for Environmentalists and people, organizations, etc. – this is where we are headed!  It is important to get into the habit of awareness, advocacy, and education!  Hmmm…can a byte be harmful to the environment?  If one can – how about a yottabyte! How about many, many yottabytes! Continue reading