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Welcome to some great news!  We search the world to bring the best to the world!  Several years ago, we discovered a product:  PLANTEX!

Plantex  All-In-One Solutions is a mixture of plant extracts largely derived from Musa Paradisiaca (Banana) combined with earth minerals and substances in a highly concentrated liquid form. It contains a variety of nutrients, minerals, and potent enzymes that can break or digest any organic or inorganic substance from various sources.  All-Natural, Organic!

Why is this important?  We espouse in our daily lives and as a company: Environment and Wellness.  Plantex fits our vision perfectly.  Checkout  We have many products that use the Plantex All-In-One solution.  Imagine a solution that can be used for cleaning and washing your hair!  All-Natural, Organic.

How to use All-In-One Solution:  Disinfectant, Odor Eliminator, Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Grease Cutter / Digester, Compost Activator, Wastewater Treatment Solution, and more! I did not know previously, but now know and have been educated that insects do not like Banana’s!  All-In-One is used as an Insect Repellent!

Here, the common use of insect repellent is “Baygon(R).”  Baygon is a great chemically based repellent.  I believe, not being a scientist, that the use of Baygon inhibits the use of the respiratory system for insects.  Close all the windows and doors.  Spray Baygon; wait a couple of hours; open the doors and windows.  All the insects are dead!  WOW!  However, the smell of Baygon is still in the air.  Baygon is heavier than air.  Baygon has settled on the pillow, the sheets, the bed, the flat surfaces, the clothes, etc.  It has not disappeared.  Now imagine that all the insects are gone and we lay our babies in that bed on that pillow – and we wonder why our children have asthma!  We wonder why our kids are sick!  Yes, it is very effective.  How about an alternative that is all-natural, organic!  I did not know that Banana’s work!  Here I pick on Baygon – but there are many examples of chemicals that kills – remember –

What you kill can kill you!”

Another example of how Mother Nature works if we just give her a chance!  Great-Grandmothers knew that if you rubbed the inside of a banana peel on a wart – the wart would fall off.  The banana enzymes at work.  In our modern society, we use harsh chemicals that actually “Burn” the wart – of course causing harm!  We have children in the province that have head lice.  The normal solution is to use harsh chemicals on the scalp  –  or sit for hours and have someone pick the lice from the hair.  We have experienced that when children use the Plantex Soap – the lice fall out of their scalps and hair!  No more lice – all-natural, organic.

If we give Mother Nature a chance instead of our human, chemically induced solutions, we can realize a clean, environmentally friendly, and a life of wellness!  Kids in the neighborhood, when they have a stomach ache or LBM, come to us.  We give them one drop of All-In-One if a glass of water – upset stomach and LBM clears up within an hour!  Mother Nature in action!

We invite everyone to  Look up some of the products – please don’t think chemicals – all-natural, organic!




As we said previously, many of us drink coffee throughout the day.  Why not try a coffee that helps your body burn fat? – check it out – here are the facts and formulation.  We invite all to try and provide testimonies!


Formulated from premium ingredients of instant coffee, non-dairy creamer, natural cane sugar, plus the healthy extract of Grape seed, Spirulina, Acai Berry, L-carnatine which contains vitamins and minerals, powerful antioxidant and dietary fiber that burns fat, lowers cholesterol and slows down aging.


Grapeseed extract is rich in flavanoids, these phytochemicals have antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are believed to be able to prevent and control numerous ailments by safeguarding cells against the ravages of unstable oxygen molecules. The most valuable flavanoids in grape seed extract are are proanthocyanidins, may also help atherosclerosis, gastric ulcer, large bowel cancer, cataracts and diabetes. Grape seed are believed to benefit people with heart disease and cancer.


Spirulina is a variety of blue-green algae that has gained prominence as nature’s green “superfood” because of its rich concentration of perfectly balanced amino acids, fiber, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. Spirulina is such a complete food that gives a wide range of health benefits. It supports cardio-vascular function and healthy cholesterol. Spirulina improves gastro instestinal and digestive health with antioxidant protection.


The Acai berry fruit is commonly found in Central and South American countries such as Peru and Brazil. It is known to a rich source of compounds called anthocyanins, the same compound thought to give red wine its healthy benefits. Acai berry is also a rich source of protein and dietary fiber, in addition to high levels of both omega 6 and 9, fatty acids, thought to have protective effects on the heart and cardiovascular system.


L-Carnatine is a fat metabolizer that speeds up the metabolism. An amino acid made in the liver, L-carnatine helps to facilitate fat metabolism, increase energy production in the muscles and cells, promotes fat loss and increases circulation in the brain. L-carnatine also helps reduce triglycerides and good cholesterol thereby protecting the heart.

We look forward to a growing relationship with those that choose to follow health and goodness.  We are committed to the environment and wellness.  We travel the world looking for what is good for us, those around us, and Mother Earth.

It is our pleasure!

Coffee is a beverage for many people throughout the day.  Why not drink coffee that is good for you?  Check it out – we have many products that are all-natural, organic – and have been formulated to help people be their best!


A perfect mix of instant coffee, non-dairy creamer and natural cane sugar, blended with Agaricus mushroom, Korean Ginseng and Peruvian Maca, that supports energy, stamina and with hormone balancing for men and women.


Agaricus is traditionally known as “God’s Mushroom” because of its near miraculous curative  benefits to a wide range of disorders. People have used it to overcome numerous  diseases and disorders relating ti the immune system, cardiovascular system, digestion, and for weight management, acute allergies, cataracts, hearing difficulties, stress syndrome, chronic fatigue.


Korean Ginseng is considered as energy booster, an aphrodisiac, stimulant and has been used as remedy for all ailments including depression, dyspepsia, nervousness, stress, and ulcer. It is also known to increase bodily energy  and stamina. Ginseng has also been used for other ailments like cancer, chronic fatigue, heart attacks, impotence, infertility.


Is a nutritional supplement from Andes, Peru. Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is a root plant consumed as a food and for medicinal purposes. It is also known as “Peruvian ginseng” (despite the fact that it is not a member of the ginseng family), It has been called super food and is used for fertility enhancement. It enhances libido, stamina, endurance and hormone related problems in both men and women. Maca contains amino acids, minerals, sterols, fatty acids, vitamins, tannins and carbohydrates.


In an effort to continue the education process of the general public and those that follow Asia Green – today’s post includes some common terms – but due to mis-marketing – are totally misunderstood. Check us out at – Look under “Herbolario.”  We are gathering all that is good on the earth and providing products and services to all of you!

Here is the straight skinny:


Carnitine, also known as Acetyl-l-carnitine or L-carnitine, is an amino acid that your body uses to turn fat into energy. Amino acids are the basic components of proteins, a major source of cell wall strength and muscle-building. Most people are able to synthesize an adequate amount of L-carnitine from their diets. Some people, however, are deficient in this necessary micronutrient and may need to take carnitine as a supplement. If you’re one of those people, talk to your doctor about getting the right supplement in the right dosage.

– Heart and Vascular Health benefits –

If you have chronic stable angina, a number of studies have shown that L-carnitine supplements can help control your symptoms, allowing you to do more exercise with less pain. According to the Linus Pauling Institute, researchers have also examined the use of L-carnitine following myocardial infarction, or MI, a type of heart attack, and for heart failure. The results for people who had an MI were mixed, but if you have heart failure, a certain kind of L-carnitine supplement may improve your exercise tolerance. All the studies were done on people who were using L-carnitine supplements in addition to other medical therapies, so if you have heart disease, consult your physician before taking this or any other supplement.

Read more:


Xylitol is a natural sugar alcohol that has been recognized by dentists and health professionals worldwide as a great alternative to white sugar.

Commonly found in chewing gum and breathmints, Xylitol is known to have a many health benefits associated with its use.

Unlike sugar, xylitol is not easily converted to fat. Because it is not easily converted to fat, it has almost no effect on insulin levels, making it a safe sugar alternative for diabetics, body builders, dieters, pregnant/nursing women, and also for babies and children.

Xylitol can also be used as medicine in prohibiting certain bacterial growth to help prevent ear infections in young children. It will also help clear out earwax and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in the pharyngotympanic tubes, connecting the nose and ear.

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Stevia is a small shrub like perennial plant which belongs to sunflower (Asteraceae) family. It is also known as Eupatorium rebaudianum, sweetleaf, honeyleaf and sugarleaf, and sweet herb of Paraguay.

A number of studies show that Stevia can be beneficial in the treatment of many health conditions. Stevia is believed to have anti-bacterial, anti-septic, anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, anti-glycemic, and anti-hypertensive properties which may help with hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, chronic fatigue, indigestion, upset stomach, heartburn, weight loss, cold and flu, gingivitis, tooth decay, cavities, dandruff and hair loss, brittle bones or osteoporosis, streptococcus, candidiasis, bacterial infections and skin conditions such as cuts, wounds, rashes, itchiness, blemishes, acne, seborrhoeic dermatitis, dermatitis, eczema, and wrinkles. It may also improve energy levels, strengthen immune system, stimulate mental activity, and may also help in withdrawl from tobacco and alcohol addiction.

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Lemon is a fruit that contains flavonoid, a composite that holds antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. It helps to prevent diabetes,constipation, high blood pressure, skin care, fever, hair care, dental care, indigestion and many other health problems. Studies conducted at theAmerican Urological Association highlight the fact that lemonade or lemon juice can cure kidney stones by forming urinary citrate, which can prevent formation of crystals.

Health benefits of lemon include treatment of throat infections, indigestion, constipation, dental problems,fever, hair care, skin care, internal bleeding, rheumatism, burns, overweight, respiratory disorders, cholera and high blood pressure. Known for its therapeutic property since generations, lemon helps to strengthen your immunity system and cleanses your stomach. It is not only a blood purifier but also enables body to fight diseases. Lemon juice, especially, has several health benefits associated with it. Useful for treating kidney stones, curing heart strokes and reducing the body temperature, lemonade helps you to stay calm and cool.

Read more:


Black tea contains a number of antioxidants, which are compounds that help the body fight free radicals (chemical by-products known to damage DNA). These antioxidants include quercetin, a substance said to combat inflammation and support healthyimmune function.

To date, research on black tea’s cardiovascular benefits has yielded mixed results. For instance, a 2009 review of nine previously published studies (including a total of nearly 195,000 participants) concluded that drinking three cups of black or green tea daily reduced risk of stroke by 21 percent. However, a 2007 study of 31 adults (ages 55 and older) found that six months of black-tea consumption did not significantly influence any cardiovascular risk factors (such as inflammation and systolic blood pressure). Both the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine and the National Institutes of Health point to this study as evidence that black tea may have no impact on cardiovascular health.

MORE TOMORROW!  Follow us at  Look at what we have to offer to make life a little easier for all of us!


As we promised, we are educating our followers and casual readers with some news about all-natural, organic products available now at  For most people, this information is hidden from public view by marketing of huge companies that want to sell products laced with sugar, none essential ingredients, and just junk!  It makes it easy for these corporations to make cheap products then market them as “healthy!”

Now lets talk about the ACAI Berry.  How many have heard of the ACAI Berry? Here are some facts:

The Acai palm bears fruit twice and year, and the fruit is harvested by people as food. When consumed, the berry leaves a slight hint of bitter after taste, which resembles that of chocolate. It can be prepared in many different ways before consumption. Mostly, the Acai berry is prepared as drinks such as fruit sodas, fruit juices, smoothies, and so on. Therefore, it is very convenient for consumption.

When consumed on a regular basis, the Acai berry offers many health benefits. The Acai fruit is good for the body mainly because of its antioxidant properties. It is able to rid the body of harmful toxins in a relatively short period of time. The antioxidant process starts in about 2 hours after consumption of the Acai berry.

As a result, shortly after consumption of Acai berries, an individual may start to feel a boost in energy levels. Lethargy will be removed, leaving more energy for other daily activities. It improves mental clarity and promotes sound sleep. It even helps with digestive functions.

But perhaps the greatest benefit that has been given the most attention is that the Acai berry helps in the weight loss process. As you probably understand by now, the Acai berry helps improve the general health of the entire body by removing harmful toxins. Blood circulation is improved when the toxins are removed.

Improved blood circulation eventually leads to slowing down of the aging process. Skin will look healthier, and cholesterol levels are regulated. The heart, which is one of the most important muscle in the human body, also starts to become stronger. If the body is currently suffering from any physical injuries, the improved blood circulation and the strong heart will certainly help speed up the healing process.

Given such benefits, it would be a good idea to incorporate some Acai berries into our daily diet.

WOW!  Did you know all that?  We look forward to more information to provide – and by the way – it is cheaper to live healthy than not!  Check out  You will see lots of good stuff for your body, family, health, and most of all, your mental health!


I discovered a new (for me) alternative to chemicals. I bought some and will be reporting the results in future posts. However, we will be introducing this product on our website and have made available PhilNoni to the world! Some information:

PhilNONI™, a nature’s blend of antioxidant, anti-stress, anti-ageing elements Continue reading