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“Dr. Krebs (our chiropractor) was in excruciating pain last Friday (June 16th) from the 3 blown discs in his lower back. He has some good days & some bad days. Friday was his worst day in a long time! I gave him a bottle of Coral Calcium. He opened it, took 9 capsules right then at 5pm. He took 9 more Saturday morning and evening, 9 more again Sunday morning & evening. And, again he took 9 on Monday morning. When we saw him at 2 pm Monday, he was a completely different person: totally out of PAIN, laughing, jovial, in a good mood. He said, “Coral Calcium is a fantastic product, and is doing some things he has never seen before in any other calcium product that he has personally used. It is VERY bio-available because of the Calcium from Sango Coral, [contains an organic composition IDENTICAL to that of a human skeleton & other trace minerals essential to human life].”* George LeGrande, OK

“I was in a lot of pain in my shoulders from lifting gallon paint cans over my head at work, putting them on shelves & taking them down. I decided to take Coral Calcium & MSM. On Monday morning I began taking 2 capsules of Coral Calcium & Bio-MSM both morning and evening. By 6 pm Tuesday, I could raise my arms & reach for the sky, clap my hands behind my back. nearly completely pain free! WOW….after just ONE day on these 2 products! “* Tom Foy, Oklahoma

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