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“I would love to share some testimonies with you. My husband, Mark, had heal spurs when we attended the conference in May. I heard Robert Barefoot speak and after the session, I went out of the room to speak with him to ask him about Mark’s condition. He told me to have Mark take 6 Coral Calcium’s per day and in 3-6 months he would see tremendous results. Guess what???? Now Mark is completely PAIN FREE!!!!! Mark had been to the doctor. The doctor had him taking steroids (which caused him to gain weight), and also the doctor had him taking liquid calcium. After taking these prescriptions, the pain would come right back. The alternative was going to be surgery. THANK GOD we went to the conference and heard about Coral Calcium. It certainly saved Mark from a lot of unnecessary pain and time off from work.”*  Betty Gosda, Illinois

“I have been taking Coral Calcium for about 1 1/2 months now. I went to the doctor and had my blood work done last week and my cholesterol has come down 67 points. He told me to keep doing whatever I was doing because it was working. I gave him the information on Coral Calcium. Thank you”* Lynn Goff

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