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We had the opportunity to participate in the eBEST, Buy Pinoy  “Technopreneurship 2012.”  While as a guest, and experiencing the absolutely wonderful people, guests, and students involved in “Technopreneurship 2012,”  we are now proud members of eBEST and by affiliation, Partners Worldwide.

eBEST  is a network of Christian Filipino business professionals seeking to serve God through their talents.  With over 80 members today, eBEST has been connecting entrepreneurs across the economic strata since 2001, providing mentoring, training, and business partnerships in the local chapters of metropolitan Manila, Laguna,Antipolo and Bacolod.  In the Philippines, small-medium enterprises (SMEs) account for 99% of all registered businesses, 70% of all employment, and 60% of all exports.  North American mentors have partnered with leaders of eBEST to establish the “Business as Mission” concept in the training and mentoring opportunities.

I invite everyone to visit as a great place to find out more involved companies – worldwide!  We are looking forward to opportunities for moving forward our relationship with God, creating wealth for communities worldwide, and spreading the Word!

Please join us in celebrating the explosion of opportunities for the next generation – and the outlook of prosperity of future generations.  It starts today with all of us –

Join us at  Submit stores, products, experiences – heck – lets all just share – “Out of chaos comes creation!”

A personal thank-you for Alonita “Nites” Doctor!  I met her a year ago and not much happened.  Her persistence and prayers have brought all of us together again.  Good things are happening!  Thanks Ms. Doctor!


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