Environment and Wellness!

We are proud to introduce an idea that is taking hold here in the Philippines – the Solar Light Bulb! We invite your attention to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBWi3NtND68 an exciting new way of recycling and improving lives!

Improving lives? How? This has become a livelihood program for many people – we have personally experienced two families that are lifting themselves out of poverty providing light to dark places – RECYCLING! This idea is taking hold here in the Philippines – we also invite other countries and other peoples to recycle and use what we have to improve lives –and as such – improve wellness!

Please submit your thoughts on this and other ideas to our blog at www.asiagreen.org/blog/. This is a place to share ideas, experiences, and thoughts – all of which are changing the world. There are some fantastic ideas out there that need exposure – and all of our lives will be improved! Have a great day – enjoy the sunshine – through a soda bottle?


Yep – recycle, reuse, respect!

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