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O K – stuck in traffic – happens in Manila – and listening to the radio – an “Environmental TidBit” came on – it was insane for this country.  The jist of the radio broadcast was people with small engines – such as tractors and weed-wackers should go to battery or electric power vs. gas powered.  Now – i asked many people if they even knew what a “weed-wacker” was!  Not one person had a clue! What about the electricity and what juices up the batteries?

Unfortunately, we lose credibility with some of the information given by people acting as authority on the environment.  Why would the local radio station put that stuff out for general consumption?  Because they want to appear “Environmental!”  Now, with 3rd grade analysis, it just becomes a show instead of a call to action, or pertinent information!  My guess is whomever does that part of the show went to a place like Yahoo Green – found some information and filled air-time!

I would ask everyone to be practical and serious.  At the end of this particular radio tidbit – they stressed how “weed-wackers” and lawnmowers are having a “significant” impact on global warming!  Really?

Lets get down to more serious matters and quit with the ridiculousness of companies, people, groups trying to “sound” environmental!  This particular case – wasn’t even a good effort!  Join us at – register for our newsletter for practical and useful information that will improve lives as well as have an impact on the local communities – isn’t that what we all strive for anyway?  Improving our lives, the lives of our children and families, and communities.  If we did that – the entire earth would benefit – Heard some people talking about cow farting causing global warming – how about bio-gas!

Take care all – remember – we all live here – awareness, advocacy, and education!

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