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In my trainings, I always tell a story about a man who flipped my binary. Often times in Network Marketing, you have one leg that takes off or you’re lucky enough to find that one leader that comes in and crushes it. But, sometimes you need to balance out on your other leg(s). This is the defining moment for most Networkers. Most of them quit when the work is required. When its time to put in the blood, sweat, and tears…and keep talking to more people, most fold. Most give up. Most find it easier to join another company and bring their Network into it. Most DO NOT stay the course.
In my first company, I was in that very situation. I had a power leg that was blown to China (well Europe to be specific, but you get what I’m saying). It had hundreds of thousands in rollover volume, and there were a ton of autoships. But, on my other leg, it sucked! Every single person I brought in quit. All of them had excuses and reasons why they couldn’t build. And, it was a revolving door. The quicker I recruited on my profit leg, the faster people on that leg were quitting.
It wasn’t until I met a man named Andrew. Despite the fact that he was in Ghana, and didn’t have money to join the business – I was optimistic. That company wasn’t even open in Ghana. Meaning, Ghana wasn’t even on their drop down menu! I didn’t know that this man would change my life forever. He came into the business and built a team into the tens of thousands of people worldwide. Did tens of millions in sales, and because of HIS success, I skyrocketed through the ranks of that company and many of my dreams came true. When I look around, I see leaders taking all of the credit for the big teams they built – but sometimes you have to give credit where credit is due.
I just got back from an incredible MDC convention this past week in South Africa and Andrew Apo came out to spend some time with me. After 3 years of losing touch and building our own businesses, we were able to reunite this past week and share some time together for his 47th birthday.
Happy Birthday to Andrew Annor Apo!
Not only have you been a great friend, but you opened my eyes to see what’s truly possible in the Network Marketing industry!

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