Global Warming/Climate Change/Earth Day – Whatever!


Let me start off with some thoughts – These discussions involve TRILLIONS of dollars – unfortunately, only a privileged few earn BILLIONS. Global Warming – I personally think we have been conned. I am separating Global Warming, Climate Change, and Earth Day – don’t lump them all together. I would encourage everyone to watch I owned a company called Strategic Energy Partners.

We researched and developed systems, products, services, etc. for homeowners, business, government – local, state, and national entities. Strategic Energy Partners was right in the middle of Al Gore and the Global Warming scare era. We never found any independent facts about global warming. This is what we did find out: Al Gore is the first BILLION DOLLAR GLOBAL WARMING EXPERT – Al Gore is at the center of selling and trading Carbon Credits – which on the face – didn’t really make much sense – but companies around the world were spending millions to get their carbon credits – which were being traded on Al Gore’s exchange. We tried to set up our own exchange and was shut down immediately. Even today – he is raking in the cash from people believing in Global Warming and his prediction of the earth being destroyed.

Nice movie, nice books, nice fantasy! I was sitting in a movie theater in Pennsylvania, US in 2005. Wanted to watch a movie – just entertainment – turns out in the next theater was a movie about how the earth’s warming was affecting the SUN – and us humans were not only destroying the earth – but we were destroying the entire galaxy – at this point – I would think us humans have huge egos! Anyway – the gentleman sitting next to me waiting to see how we were destroying the galaxy turned out to be the student coordinator for a major university – we got to talking and he invited me to talk to the students – until he found out that I thought it was absolutely ludicrous that us humans could destroy the entire galaxy – driving SUV’s on the earth! I did however get a glimpse into what was actually going on with some very smart people. So we started a campaign of finding facts and dispelling emotion and “stories.” Science is not consciousness – it doesn’t matter if 1,000 scientists agree and only 500 don’t – science is exact. Once the emotion and “stores” were eliminated – and science/history was applied – it became apparent there was a bunch of hype and behind the scenes money that was not being reported. Turns out there is at least one SUV on Mars – their ice caps are also melting – hmm…what is the source of heat in the galaxy? Could there be people and organizations selling the world a bill of goods or just selling us?

Let me step in and talk about money for a minute. During our research then and the recent in-depth research completed, it turns out the UN continues to look for and establish global funding streams, outside of the agreed country donations. I took a look at many UN resolutions and proposals, they all propose TAX – and establish a revenue stream for the UN. Now – is that O K? I believe it is a separate discussion. The UN survives on country donations. Maybe in a later blog post – we can discuss if they should have their own independent revenue streams – and as such – have the ability to police those revenue streams. For now – it is my opinion, given the facts we know today – that Global Warming is a hoax. Nice Try UN and some individuals that are making Billions! Climate Change – of course it is! Does every day! It should! Is it getting warmer or drier, or wetter, or whatever? Article in the news the other day – lots and lots of money spent on watching the glaciers on the Himalayan – either they are getting larger or not right? Hmm..again – discussion – turns out they are – but – there is more talk of how some other glaciers are getting smaller – well – Climate Change right? Supposed to be! Earth Day – participate – know YOUR environment. I would suggest that each person is responsible for their own environment and not worry about what others are doing – but lead by example.

Do some Independent research on how much “stuff” is being thrown into the atmosphere each time a volcano blows its top. What happens to all that “stuff?” It has to go somewhere – could it be the Earth can clean itself? How about some research and scientific opinion? Surely all the methane that has been produced has dissipated? Sure hope so! What is going to happen when we all start throwing away all those Chinese made CFL’s that contain noxious and harmful chemicals? Let’s take a minute and actually think about what we are doing! Carbon Dioxide is essential for us – who is to be the expert and say how much is too much – more Carbon Dioxide – more plants – more plants -more oxygen – not a scientist – just a citizen of this wonderful EARTH! So, on Earth Day – let’s pick up a piece of paper.

Lets actually take a look at our environment. Will shutting off all the lights have an impact? Knowing what I know of electricity and demand – probably not – is it a good intention -probably- but I would suggest there are many other intentions we can turn into action that will make Earth Day much more meaningful – Every Day is EARTH DAY! We do not have to sacrifice – there are many ways to improve our lives and yet be smarter! One last thought – if we take care of each other – the Earth will be a much better place!

We want to share and hear from all of you! Regards, Kevin

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