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Asia Green Group is going through a transformation! We have been discovering many alternatives – some from the western world – some from this rich area of the world – Asia! The only constant is change – we are changing! We really look forward to investigating the “Dark Continent” as well. Personally, I have very little information or contacts in Africa. I do believe however, there is untapped knowledge and resources that we can bring forward for all to share and experience.

So, if anyone from Africa is part of this community – please share! It would be our pleasure and honor to learn and experience! It is our hope we can be a resource for organizations, individuals, companies to come and learn as we learn and gather information that can and have changed lives! As we continue our journey, we will report on www.asiagreen.org and provide facts and composition of the alternative medicines, solutions, products, and just plain commonsense. We invite comments and your experiences as well – please feel free to comment and provide input! Chemicals and the chemical industry – both the medical world, which promotes man-made chemicals for inclusion to the body with many known destructive side effects, and the chemical industry that creates and promotes man-made chemicals that totally destroy throughout our environments!

For example, we discovered the use of enzymes as alternatives to harsh, destructive chemicals. It is much safer and cheaper to use enzymes to repel insects than man-made chemicals that destroy the respiratory systems – the respiratory systems of not only the insects, but humans. We look forward to this incredible journey of discovery and bringing our loyal and growing audience information of alternative methods. For the most part – we actually try most of these ourselves before reporting – and will report the results – not scientifically like the American Medical Association reports – but of actual human input! Please take care – it is our pleasure, duty, and honor to serve!



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