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This post is not directed to any one individual, this is just a general thing I’ve observed in the industry.

So many Networkers are “all talk.”

Talk, talk, talk. To some of the “Veteran” networkers, stop telling your eulogy of what you did in 1987 when you made $20,000 per month. It’s 2016 lol. What are you doing NOW and for your future?

To the social media marketers posting pictures of your friends car, your parents house, or all the cash you have saved up in your bank account, but then you are delivering pizzas on the weekend or working your full time job…it’s deceptive. There’s nothing wrong with doing what you gotta do – but a house built on lies always has a weak foundation.

You don’t always have to build your business on hype, or by lying to people. In fact, you’ll probably recruit a much better caliber of people by being real.

So, if this applies to you, I’d like to kindly ask you to talk less, and do more. Be honest and genuine. Be yourself. Build relationships. Create culture in your business. Stay true to your values.

Just sayin’


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