Manila Bay Clean-Up – Yes, it is happening!

I recently posted about an experience on Manila Bay – and the horrible smell and condition of the bay. I am happy to report two items: and

The government is taking steps to clean up the fantastic, romantic, and industrious Manila Bay. Some thoughts – It is very hard to see disease. The normal human cannot see viruses or bacteria. What we see is the results. We seem to have a pension for picking up trash – there is so much more to do. It is great to pick up and dispose of what we can see – what we cannot see is much more harmful and destructive!

I am happy to report there is movement and acknowledgement of the issues. As the clean-up occurs and develops, I will continue to report. I invite all persons to submit ideas and suggestions to help clean up the bay. We will be including the suggestions and thoughts in our monthly newsletters. Our experiences can help others around the world! We are all connected – let’s make the connection solid and fruitful!


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