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My Daily Choice Nutritional Sprays

Discover the stories of so many people changing their lives with our products.

Edwin Pauga

Salt Lake City, Utah

I was born with Bronchiectasis. Every time it gets out of hand, I get pneumonia. I can even

count the number of times I had pneumonia. I go to the hospital about 3-5 times a year for it.

Since been using the sprays these past 4 months, I have had no visits to the hospital or

even to a doctor! been doing nothing different other than the sprays. Yes, I was skeptical at

first but as soon as I felt the difference with my energy levels and being able to wake up without

coughing, I was hooked!


Myndee Aubrey

Salt Lake City, Utah

Since I have been using the peak boost and shield sprays I have lost 20 pounds. I have

balanced energy all day long and my insomnia is GONE! I also have noticed my hair is a lot

healthier and my skin has cleared up completely! I love these sprays! My Daily benefits has

become one of my favorite things to check when I am out shopping. So far I have saved money

at Papa John Pizza…$12.50 off my order every time. I also saved at Orange Julius on a buy

one get one free offer and when I go to dinners, I get a free awesome blossom. I love that I can

pull up the app when I am on the go and save money! These products are incredible!


Scott Smith


Just about my entire life I have had major problems with falling asleep or sleeping in general. I

have PTSD do to life trauma events that happened when I was a child and through most of my

adult life. This made me become a very light sleeper, the slightest noise at night I would wake

up and do a surveillance check around my house and when I felt like it was okay to fall asleep it

was already day time. This was effecting my life, my moods and my relationship because I

wasnt getting the rest I needed. I don’t like taking pills because of possible side effects. I used

the SLEEP spray for two weeks now and it has been incredible. I spray 6 sprays into my mouth

and within 10 minutes I feel myself slowly going into a rem. I haven woken up in the middle of

the night, my legs are well rested, I wake up feeling AMAZING!


Jenn Kahan

Maryland, USA

Taking last minute trips to Vegas is always lots of fun, but it usually expensive! When my

boyfriend and I took off for Vegas last August, we looked at prices everywhere. We ended up

finding 4 nights, 5 days at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for $600 for two people, flights

included. That is almost unheard of. We booked 24 hours before our trip. These savings give us

the lifestyle we really want, without breaking the bank. I will definitely be a member for life.

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