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Dog can now walk
By Audrey Metcalf

A few weeks ago some people contacted me to help them find a cart that they could use for their dog’s hind quarters because he could no longer use his hind legs due to arthritis. They hoped it would help so that he wouldn’t have to be put to sleep. I suggested trying Noni Juice to see if it would help, and they agreed to do so. As a result, they haven’t needed to buy a cart because their dog can now walk again!

Heart Failer
By Rose Holden

I have this friend, Juanita Kundtz, who has a real bad heart condition. Her doctor told her she would die in three months. She was so weak, had dizziness all the time, could not help herself in any way. She was making plans and told her family they could take whatever they wanted. She thought she was going mentally insane. She kept saying she wanted to die right now. I learned about Noni Juice and did some research on my own. I went over to see her and talk to her about his juice. She was leary about it because it might interfere with her medications. I hadnt gotten my bottle of juice yet in the mail but in the meantime I gave her some Ginkgo for the dizziness and visited her every day. The Ginkgo helped her with the dizziness but she still afraid to take it so when I got the juice. I said, ok lets forget the herb and think about this. You say your going to die. By taking the juice if it didnt work then you lose nothing. But just think if it did work. Wouldnt that be something? She agreed to try the juice still not sure about it working. The first day I gave her two ounces. The nest day, she said she had such a good nights sleep and she was doing chores around the house, got dressed, made her breakfast. I didnt think myself it would work so quickly. I thought give it two weeks at least. I was really surprised myself how quickly it worked. The second day, I went over and she was cleaning the hallway and sweeping the sidewalk. Said, she has been going all day doing things. Said she felt real good and the dizziness stopped, she could feel the juice working regarding the medications side effects. Third day, she wasnt tired all day long. She had so much energy. She walked two blocks. Moved her furniture to clean behind it. She even tells me all the things shes going to do in the near future. I am amazed with the results. I now think she can hold her own and continues to improve. Shes thinking positve, taking it easy and not overdoing it. I am a firm believer in Tahiti Noni Juice. That along with prayer she is doing very well.

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