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Ovarian Cancer – It Works
By Luella Sloan

In 1990 they diagnosed me with ovarian cancer, and I had surgery plus chemotherapy in Sioux City, IA. In the fall of 1992, they sent me to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN for more surgery plus radiation.
I learned to live with the nausea, the loss of taste, diminished hearing, hair loss, numbness in my feet, the constant checkup and blood tests, the pain in my back and hip, and the bones crumbling from radiation plus treatment for that. Things were going good, my CA 125 factor hadn’t lowered, but it didn’t increase.
In October of 1996, I developed pneumonia and had to be hospitalized. I was on oxygen and not responding to treatment. They did a scan and discovered a tumor in the bronchial tube of my left lung and also a spot on my liver.
I couldn’t believe this was happening because I had done everything the doctors had told me to do. I didn’t want to go through chemo again because it was just too difficult for me. My children were very upset about this decision, so for them I consented to have more treatment.
Three sessions and no change. I now had a home health care nurse twice a week. A care-giver came once a week for my personal needs and to clean my home.
Another checkup showed no improvement, and the recommended a combination of drugs. They were very strong, and after the first session my white count dropped to 400. I had to have a blood transfusion and was isolated in my home.
I was taking vitamins and food supplements but still losing weight, and I had very little energy.
My daughter-in-law Betty found out about Noni juice as I began the 2nd session the last week of January. As I went into this session the doctor thought the tumor was smaller but they couldn’t tell for sure. After Ichemo I had to go to the hospital for a shot each day for 8 to 12 days.
Betty thought this would be the ideal time to test Noni. My vitals are checked each day and lab work done twice a week.
Now the good news starts. My white count stayed about 2000 and went up to 3000 by the end of that session of shots. At the Cancer Center on February 26, x-rays showed the tumor had decreased, and my white count had increased to 4000, and the CA125 had lowered 300 points.
The doctor said my blood is in better condition than it has been in the seven years he’s known me. He said, “We’re on the right track,” but he didn’t know about Noni juice. He doesn’t think I need vitamins, but they have helped to build bone mass back in my spine.
The only difference in treatment is the Noni juice.
My blood pressure has continued to go lower, and I have less pain. We told my medical doctor about Noni juice and showed him the record of my progress. He approved and has reduced my blood pressure medication.
Betty noticed that my color is better and that I’m standing up straighter, also that my head and hands don’t shake as much. I’m very happy because for the first time since my colon surgery that I can eat anything I want and still have a normal bowel movement and no diarrhea.
I’m off oxygen and have let the care-giver go. I cook and bake and take care of myself and my home once again. I am walking to the laundry room to wash my own clothes again.

Thank God for Noni juice and an understanding doctor.

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