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Ovarian Cancer, Colon Cancer, Hearing Loss, Leg and Knee Pain, Insomnia
By Carolyn J. Madison

In October 1985, I was diagnosed with third stage ovarian cancer on the left-side, which had spread into the left colon. I was given 6 weeks to live.
Two chemo treatments put me in a coma for 33 days. In January 1967, I had a total Hysterectomy to remove the remaining tumor and I also underwent bowel restructuring. The chemo and drugs caused great side effects: 73% hearing loss in my left ear, 25% hearing loss in my right ear, loss of all high pitched sounds, a constant ringing and roaring in my left ear, loss of almost all moisture in my eyes, a balance problem, and a problem with standing or walking especially at night.
I had extreme mental, emotional and physical trauma along with numbness in my legs from the knees down, extreme leg pain (severe soreness) and restlessness all the time, but more especially at night. I also had severe insomnia.
The massive amount of corrective surgery to remove the remaining tumor and the total hysterectomy left massive adhesions in my colon and smafl intestines with a problem emptying my bladder plus other things.
In 1987, I began by slow climb to recover my health. I began to research and read much material for help and health. I tried many, many things; all kinds of supplements, etc. some helped a little, some didn’t. Although I had changed my diet, because of the extreme amount of adhesions in the small intestine and colon, I was in constant pain (gas pain) and was afraid to eat much.
It has been 11 long years and the pace was so slow but gradually things began to change somewhat for the better. I found out about a wonderful fiber that didn’t hurt my colon, which was a great improvement.
But on January 25, 1997, about a month ago, someone told me about Noni Juice!! I started taking 2 tbsp. 3 times a day. About two weeks later, I noticed my legs and feet were not hurting and sore anymore and my right leg and arthritic knee did not hurt. I am 58 years old.
I am starting to have more feeling in my legs and feet and have more strength in them. I am walking up and down stairs without help and my balance is much better now. The noise in my left ear has lessened considerably and I believe there is a slight improvement in my hearing. I am sleeping much better, have a lot more energy and a wonderful feeling of well-being. I am hoping for more improvements!
I am telling people about what I have been doing about feeling better. I am so thankful for this wonderful fruit juice and I thank my heavenly father for creating it and the Morinda company.

Carolyn J. Madison

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