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Several great benefits with noni
By scott tjomson

I’m 53. 6 years ago we discovered Noni through a friend who knew of my wife’s 5 year bedridden condition. She was up 1-2 hours per day. Life stank. Our friend called and told us he’d found a natural product that would bless my wife’s life. I scoffed when I found out that it was a simple juice put in a vinegar bottle. But my wife was so sick she wanted to try it.

I ordered a 4 pack and after three days at 3-4 ounces a day my wife was up and about and pretty much pain free. Her condition? Costochondritis–hers, a very advanced case of arthritis of the chest cavity. Everything in her chest was infected, her bones, her heart, her muscle, her fatty tissues, etc. The specialists had her on two prescription drugs that did help to a degree in relieving the pain, but the side effects of man-made drugs, kidney and liver deterioration. We are so appreciative for a God-made natural product that has no side effects and that actually works.

After seeing the results my wife received I decided to give it a try for a mild arthritic pain in my right knee. Only through my wife’s encouragement did I stay on the product. I am so very grateful now. It took 2 1/2 bottles and 7 1/2 weeks before I noticed no pain. 6 years later, I still have no pain. I discovered that the darn stuff worked.

My wife asked then if I noticed any other improvements. There were several. My insomnia of some 40 years was relieved. I still only slept 5-6 hours a night, but I was much more rested and had energy each morning. My protruding hemorrhoids of 17 years were all but gone. That was a relief. My severe allergies, a rather large variety I might add, were finally under control. I had been taking shots twice a week for 2 years when Noni came my way. I haven’t had a shot in 6 years. Again, the Noni worked. Now, I still have allergies, but not 11 months of the year (only 6 weeks or so) and the symptoms are 90% reduced, though I still do have a handful of bad days.

I’m so thankful for this product. It has indeed blessed us far more than ever expected.

Sleep disorder,HP & immune system
By Sandra Ruben

I was sleeping only about 4 and half to 5 hours nightly. The doctor had me scheduled for a sleep study two months down the road. My sister offered Noni to me and by the time I had been on Noni for those two months, I didnt need the sleep study. I had begun to sleep about two hours longer, getting up refreshed and not feeling like I hadnt slept. Also no longer fall asleep at red lights, nor when watching TV or chatting with clients, lol. My blood pressure has dropped 10 pts, which is miraculous for me. Being a smoker, there is not one fall/winter season I dont catch a cold or respiratory virus, nor anything else that is going around. YAHOO!!!! This year I have been virus free———–Thank You NONI !!!! Oh forgot to mention I have lost 6 pounds-without trying!! Also unheard of in me !

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