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Eloise B. of Monceaux les Mines

If there is a product which is hard to drink it is certainly NONI juice. My sister gave me some because she takes it for her diabetes which is common in our family. I force myself to take it every morning because she says that it is good for me and she believes in it totally. I will let you have more information on my progress in a few months.

Martine L. of Nîmes

I have known about NONI juice for several years now, because I have a friend who lives in Miami and she has spoken to me about it for years. I take it for the inflammation in my knees. I cannot say yet whether it has been good for me. I only started taking it a few weeks ago but I have noticed that I can manage to walk easier and with less pain. I will continue my cure to the end.

Marcel B. of Noisy le Sec

I saw your advertising in a magazine and I bought your NONI juice because I suffer from a lot of health problems. As it is a natural product I know that I have nothing to fear. I am taking it regularly every morning and for some weeks now I have felt more active. I do not know whether it is the NONI juice or imagination but I am going to continue drinking it to see what happens.

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