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    At the center is a half cross section of Morinda citrifolia  FRUIT  showing the numerous seeds and pulp which are the sources of “nutritional medicine” of the Noni fruit juice. The cross section is on top of the blue pacific OCEAN.

    The pacific Ocean is the vehicle of the natural distribution for thousands of years (like coconut and talisay trees) of the prestine Morinda citrifolia plant (Noni) found naturally growing in the thousands of islands of the Philippines and  the entire Pacific basin.

    The Ocean shores where Noni naturally grows is the rich source of trace minerals, nutraceuticals, phytochemicals and vitamins mined by the deep roots of the small Morinda citrifolia tree that bears the Noni fruits, the source of PhilNONI fruit juice.

    The inscription Phil. Morinda Citrifolia, Inc. is the registered name of the Philippine company that produces PhilNONI. It is an agro-industrial company (symbolized by the leaves) registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 2001.


    Let millions of people enjoy healthy, happy and longer productive life by taking PhilNONI.


    To make the amazing potent pure PhilNONI juice available and accessible to men, women and children everywhere who need Noni to correct dietary deficiencies, enhance healing and recovery from degenerative ailments and to live  healthy, happy and longer productive lives.