Polluted Waters – Why?

I was on Manila Bay the other night – dinner cruise with a beautiful woman. It was really beautiful watching the sun go down, the lights of the city coming on and shining in all colors from the water. THEN – THAT SMELL HIT US! As we are eating dinner – the awful smell from the water rolled in and spoiled the entire trip. We sailed onto Mall of Asia where the smell dissipated a bit – but then the Captain turned back around – right back into that smell! It was not any better the second time. We both had to stop eating because of that smell!It is one event to spoil a beautiful cruise – but completely another to allow children to play and romp in these filthy waters! I contend the authorities can and should find the culprits. That night on the Manila Bay – it would have been easy to trace the source of that foul smell – if the current administration had the political will to actually do something about the situation. So – this has to do with polluted waters – the other day there was an article about how much fresh water was in the Philippines – much like much of the earth – and yet, that water is polluted beyond what humans can use or ingest.

World Water Day – did it really do anything? What are the results? How come Manila bay is so and still polluted? Notice this UN link cites Rome as where it all happens – I have been to Rome many times – the river running through Rome is horrible – smells, needles, trash, rotting garbage, etc. My call to action is that we all should be pressuring our politicians to clean up – clean up our water and lands. The technology exists now and has for many years – the political will has not. Lets start niggling our politicians – around the world – not just for a day – for an entire lifetime! It is our responsibility to do our part – it is also their responsibility to do theirs!

We will be featuring ways of cleaning up – and offer our services to work with local and national governments to help clean up the water we drink, the land we live on, the air we breathe – and protect our children and their children!


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