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What the heck is going on?  When fuel prices rise, so does our food bill, heating bills, transportation costs, etc.  It is just crazy! Is there anything we can do about it?  Our buying power was reduced by over 8% in the last year?  To a southern, country boy, that means I spend more with less to live!

Checkout  Asia Green is an Environmental and Wellness Company.  We bring the best of the world to the world!  We found a product that will increase mileage, reduce pollution, extend the life of engines, and improve performance.  Xtreme Fuel Treatment (XFT)!

I personally use XFT – I went from 22KM’s per Liter to 38KM’s per Liter – wow!  how?  well – when I checked – it has a direct corresponding factor to the quality of the fuel I am using.  The general sate of the quality of fuel available here is less than stellar – so this product works even better!

How long as XFT been in the market?  over 20 years!  XFT uses Nobel Prize Winning Technology!  Check out the Nobel Prize for Chemistry of 1973.  Anyone can look up this information – this technology is incorporated into XFT!

Originally XFT was used to stop diesel fuel from separating in generators – the fuel would sit for months, sometimes years – and would separate.  When it was time to use the generator – it wouldn’t start!  Adding XFT at a 10,000 to 1 dilution ration (makes it very economical!) would ensure the diesel would be fresh for over 20 years!  Also, when NASA was trying to launch rockets – the rockets would burn all the fuel immediately – big boom and no rockets!  The ingredients of XFT were used to lower the burn rate – called a burn rate modifier – which allowed more of the fuel to burn at a lower temperature.  Actually makes sense.  That black stuff coming out the back is normally unburnt fuel – which we are paying for and polluting the environment.  Using XFT will ensure more of the fuel is burnt – leading to more efficiency – lowering the temperature which allows to longer life of oil and the engine!

Easy to use – has all the test results and information for getting some XFT!  We look forward to serving everyone in the near future!  All the contact information is located at the website – so drop a line – let us know your story!

Sheesh – some people actually will question science and spend more and more of their own money – which is worth less – to live!  Lets make sense!  Oh, some people will question “additives!”  Take a look at what is in the fuel today – lots and lots of additives – most destructive – but mandated by the government!  What buying power we have left – lets use it wisely!