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One of the reasons for Asia Green is to provide “Environmental Awareness.” Being aware of our environment – and not just reading about it from supposed experts. I posted an article the other day about Global Cooling – here is more data to confirm that the hysteria of recent history is just that – Hysteria! Simple question – what affect could we possibly have on either Global Warming or Global Cooling? Are our ego’s so huge we think we will have an affect? Anyway – here is more data to consider when buying and using those mercury filled “Eco-Friendly?,” and now mandated by law, CFL’s! Maybe our fathers and mom’s really did know better! I took this from “Red State.” “Alternate New York Times Headline: ‘Global Warming Saves Civilization’ If it weren’t for coal and cars, how cold would we be? By: Steve Maley (Diary) | March 10th, 2013 at 10:29 AM | 9 Like Beauty, the interpretation of scientific data is often in the eye of the beholder.

I’m an engineer with more than a smattering of book-learning in the geologic sciences. It has always struck me as appalling that the scientists who would reorder our very lives around their interpretation of climate science and its implications for our future have so little interest in earth history and the geologic time scale. The climate alarmist community seems to focus on anecdotes and anomalous weather patterns that we can observe over the course of a human lifespan but have a vague explanation for abrupt and dramatic changes in the distant past. But in terms of the geologic time scale, human history is the blink of an eye compared the 4.5 billion year age of the earth. The end of the last ice age, a monumental, undeniably non-anthropogenic warming event, happened about 12,000 years ago; to a geologist it may as well have happened a week ago last Thursday. Yet climate scientists rarely address the implications of that warming event on their modern-day warming theories. But this week, a new study came out which alarmingly concludes that CO2-forced temperatures are at or near their Holocene (post ice age) maximum. One could look at the same data and wonder how cold we might be if not for Global Warming.

The New York Times (along with just about every other mainstream news outlet) this week reported the news that, for them, closes the case on Global Warming: Global Temperatures Highest in 4,000 Years Previous research had extended back roughly 1,500 years, and suggested that the rapid temperature spike of the past century, believed to be a consequence of human activity, exceeded any warming episode during those years. The new work confirms that result while suggesting the modern warming is unique over a longer period. Even if the temperature increase from human activity that is projected for later this century comes out on the low end of estimates, scientists said, the planet will be at least as warm as it was during the warmest periods of the modern geological era, known as the Holocene, and probably warmer than that. That epoch began about 12,000 years ago, after changes in incoming sunshine caused vast ice sheets to melt across the Northern Hemisphere.

Scientists believe the moderate climate of the Holocene set the stage for the rise of human civilization roughly 8,000 years ago and continues to sustain it by, for example, permitting a high level of food production. And their “Dot Earth” blog chimed in: Scientists Find an Abrupt Warm Jog After a Very Long Cooling While the researchers, led by Shaun Marcott of Oregon State, conclude that the globe’s current average temperature has not exceeded the warmth that persisted for thousands of years after the last ice age ended, they say it will do so in this century under almost every postulated scenario for greenhouse gas emissions. That blog post has a curious graph and caption as a sidebar, which I have magnified here: Indeed, it shows the abrupt warming at the very end of the last ice age, followed by several thousand years of temperatures well above the baseline (average for the years 1961-1990). For the last 5,000 years, though, the planet has been cooling, a trend that has even accelerated for the last 2,000 years. But for some real perspective, let’s look at some data from the Vostok Ice Core. It affords a look at the last 400,000 years of earth history, encompassing several ice ages.

The top graph shows CO2 concentration in the atmosphere; the bottom one shows average temperature departure from the 1950 value. Two observations are readily apparent: For the last 400,000 years at least, “normal” = “COLD!” The warm periods are but brief interludes between ice ages. Wild temperature fluctuations were common before any possible impact of human civilizations. The anomaly is the stability of the moderate temperatures during the Holocene, the last 12,000 years , when warm weather fostered the development of human agriculture, cultures and civilization. Consider what a global ice age would mean. Cincinnati, OH and points north would be under a glacier hundreds of feet thick (not necessarily a bad thing, in the mind of some readers and SEC football fans). Agriculture would be impossible in North America. The planet could sustain a tiny fraction of its current population. Even with a cooling of a couple of degrees Celsius, crop yields and growing seasons would shift dramatically for the worse. It would be increasingly difficult to feed the planet.

Given the choice between Global Warming and Global Cooling, give me Warming any day. Here’s an interesting question for the Climate Change community: What would today’s global temperature be absent the man-made CO2 input since the Industrial Revolution?” Interesting that the “scientists” have been saying that “Global Warming” actually causes” Global Cooling.” Which is it?

Open the Flood gates – Open the Dams – People die!

Recently we experienced, the Administration once again, ordering the flood gates open; ordering the dams to release water – and people died! This is not the first time we have experienced the Administration’s management decisions that end up killing people!

What lessons did we learn just three years ago with “Ondoy?” It is obvious there was very little “learning” going on! Easier to blame it on “Global Warming!” Silly to hear grown men on the radio, during the disaster – blaming Global Warming! Why can’t the Administration know the levels of water; anticipate the water levels; and release water in a systematic , make sense manner, instead of all at once releasing water! Over 100 people have died – not because of Global Warming; not because of trash; not because of low-income families and where they settle – it is solely the amount of water that was suddenly released – by order of the Administration.

Taking a look at the situation, we need to ask some questions. How come they could not predict the amount of rainfall? Well – turns out the Administration is not paying the weather-guessers – and the weather-guessers don’t necessarily come to work – so there could be someone very inexperienced guessing! How come the Administration, knowing that amount of water being released will kill people, does not have a disaster preparedness plan in place? How come there is no coordinated plan? Almost entire provinces end up underwater for weeks.

Now we must suffer through disease, malnutrition, etc. because of Administrative decisions! People Dying! Is it Global Warming? Hmmm .. I would suggest that the rains and water experienced in 1972 – The “Biblical 40 day – 40 night rainfall” – Global Warming? The “popular” reason at that period was Global Cooling – Hollywood was making movies about how cold it was back then – now we blame “Global Warming?” Need to start asking questions! Three years ago it was easy to blame “Ondoy” on Global Warming – and yet weeks later there were discussions of the amount of development in floodplains! Again, where is the learning? Where is the coordinated plans? Where is the leadership, where is the disaster preparedness? Is it the trash? I have another blog coming out soon concerning trash – and how much is being dumped into Manila Bay each day – tons – people know it – people know who – and people shut their eyes – but is dumping trash the reason for all the flooding and dying? Is it the settlers? I would suggest they are not the cause of flooding – although they seem to be many of the people that suffer.

Again, the Administration seems to think it is O K for settlers to settle next to the dam when the sun is out – why don’t they take any action? There are facts in place that are undeniable. If the Administration opens the floodgates, opened the dams – people will die – and yet – they do it anyway! Why? There are many places where flooding is avoided with preparedness – how come the Administration cannot prepare? At some point people will start asking questions and I am not sure the Administration will have answers. They seem to just wait for the sun to come out, bury the dead, and move on to another catastrophic event. Shame. Guess what – it is going to rain – this is the Philippines!

Let’s do some preparation – have the Administration show some leadership – how about a novel idea – how about the Administration saving lives instead of knowingly killing people!