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Global Warming

O k – I authored a blog about the Administration knowingly releasing water that causes flooding – with apparently no plans; no disaster preparedness; and causing deaths – knowingly.

Well, guess what?  Turns out – it may have been over development in Manila.  Seems there are lots of words in the Number 1 newspaper in the Philippines – front page stuff – it is over development!  If there was only more green spaces!

No wait – Now they are going to “blast” settlers homes and obstructions – yep – in one area – the Administration has decided to move over 100,000 people – they were the cause of the floods!  This should be interesting!

OH NO – Wait – it is the MMDA Flood Control Chief – he was “SACKED!”  He was blamed for causing the massive flooding!  He evidently didn’t make sure a pumping station in Tagiug, Quezon City had fuel to pump!  He ordered it of course – for some reason the bureaucracy didn’t respond in time – and as a good bureaucrats – they “sack” the local guy – it’s his fault!  Of course – the lead line in the story is “HEADS finally rolled.”  Shame .. there is so much more to this than one or two people causing deaths. Where are the Standard Operating Procedures? Where is the Disaster Relief Planning? Where is the leadership?

Looks like the Administration is waiting till the sun comes out; will bury the dead; and move on till it happens again.  But – the Administration is proud to have found the reason for so much water being released at one time!

I noticed an article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer a couple of days later in the Business Section – “Power projects to be bid out this week.”  Guess what – not one mention of hydroelectric!  Shame – Administration forward planning huh?  They are bidding out four diesel-fired power barges.  Great – doesn’t fuel add to Global Warming which is the convenient culprit for all this flooding – according to the Administration?  Hmmm…seems we have a conflict here – can’t be possible –

Let’s ask – where is the planning?  Where is the leadership? Where is the Disaster Preparedness?  Again, we will have decisions made by the Administration that will kill people.  Guess what – it rains in the Philippines!  There will be more rain – we blame it on overdevelopment of a city of over 12 million people?  We blame it on settlers?  We blame it all on what it is not and the Administration will not face what it is!


It has been reported that the President of the Philippines, President Aquino axed a key flood-control project in 2010 – a flood-control project that would have saved lives and decreased tremendously the amount of damage to personal, private, government, and agriculture properties!  Reported in the supposed number 1 newspaper in the Philippines.  Yep, in a column by Rigoberto Tiglao!  WHAT?

Yep – Turns out the President decided the last Administration added corruption into the project – so he canceled it.  No proof – and with the written assurance of the Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme about the integrity of the project  – Aquino  still decided that the project, worth 6 billion pesos, was corrupt because it was designed over 3 years; designed with 7 different government agencies; and designed in cooperation of the Belgian Government.  So, through pettiness and no forethought, Aquino decides to cancel the project.  Who is the side-kick?  Oh – Senator Franklin Drilon (remember him during the impeachment proceedings? – obvious lackey to the “Petty” decisions of the President).

As the story unfolds, the Bangko Sentral ng Philinas Governor approved the project and the foreign funding.  Mr. Aquino’ Justice Secretary Leila de Lima found nothing wrong with the project; Gov. Jorge Ejercito was an ardent supporter – he is the Governor of Laguna and knows how and why it was necessary; and finally, Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme vouched for the project’s integrity and even submitted to Aquino an independent engineering firm’s evaluation of the project – all of this and yet – Aquino cancelled the project that would have saved lives, property, crops, livelihoods, and so much more!  Why?  As Rigoberto Tiglao said in a recent column on this subject “Why did Mr. Aquino cancel such a crucial project?  Because of his irrational, apoplectic bias that everything his predecessor did or planned was corrupt.”  The Laguna Governor, in 2010, said, again quoting from the Rigoberto Tiglao column, “They have been trumpeting that corruption tainted the project.”  “To this day, Mr. Aquino has not presented an iota of evidence, or even any specific charge of corruption, in the project.”

So, maybe it is not a errant pump station operator; maybe it is not over development of Metro Manila; maybe it is not the settlers; maybe not even the trash; how about because of a possible petty nature of the President of the Republic of the Philippines and his pathetic lapdogs!

I feel sorry for the hundreds of people who have died – I feel sorry and keep those families in my prayers, as we should all do, that have lost their earnings, property, family members –

The Republic of the Philippine is a wonderful place – so sad to see such amateurs in action!  Also – scarce resources will be lost – under this same team of incompetents, there could be a cost of over four BILLION pesos in addition to at least two BILLION for legal expenses – and more of course – all because of what?  Pettiness?  Thanks Mr. President!

There are answers.  There are solutions.

Recently we experienced, the Administration once again, ordering the flood gates open; ordering the dams to release water – and people died!

This is not the first time we have experienced the Administration’s management decisions that end up killing people!  What lessons did we learn just three years ago with “Ondoy?”  It is obvious there was very little “learning” going on!  Easier to blame it on “Global Warming!”  Silly to hear grown men on the radio, during the disaster – blaming Global Warming!


Why can’t the Administration know the levels of water; anticipate the water levels; and release water in a systematic , make sense manner, instead of all at once releasing water!  Over 100 people have died – not because of Global Warming; not because of trash; not because of low-income families and where they settle – it is solely the amount of water that was suddenly released – by order of the Administration.


Taking a look at the situation, we need to ask some questions.


  1.  How come they could not predict the amount of rainfall?  Well – turns out the Administration is not paying the weather-guessers – and the weather-guessers don’t necessarily come to work – so there could be someone very inexperienced guessing!
  2. How come the Administration, knowing that amount of water being released will kill people, does not have a disaster preparedness plan in place?  How come there is no coordinated plan?  Almost entire provinces end up under water for weeks.  Now we must suffer through disease, malnutrition, etc. because of Administration decisions!  People Dying!
  3. Is it Global Warming?  Hmmm .. I would suggest that the rains and water experienced in 1972 – The “Biblical 40 day  –  40 night rainfall” – Global Warming?  The “popular” reason at that period was Global Cooling – Hollywood was making movies about how cold it was back then – now we blame “Global Warming?” Need to start asking questions!  Three years ago it was easy to blame “Ondoy” on Global Warming – and yet weeks later there were discussions of the amount of development in floodplains!  Again, where is the learning? Where is the coordinated plans? Where is the leadership, where is the disaster preparedness?
  4. Is it the trash?  I have another blog coming out soon concerning trash – and how much is being dumped into Manila Bay each day – tons – people know it – people know who – and people shut their eyes – but is dumping trash the reason for all the flooding and dying?
  5. Is it the settlers?  I would suggest they are not the cause of flooding – although they seem to be many of the people that suffer.  Again, the Administration seems to think it is O K for settlers to settle next to the dam when the sun is out – why don’t they take any action?

There are facts in place that are undeniable. If the Administration opens the flood gates, opens the dams – people will die – and yet – they do it anyway!  Why?  There are many places where flooding is avoided with preparedness – how come the Administration cannot prepare?

At some point people will start asking questions and I am not sure the Administration will have answers.  They seem to just wait for the sun to come out, bury the dead, and move on to another catastrophic event.  Shame.  Guess what – it is going to rain – this is the Philippines!  Lets do some preparation – have the Administration show some leadership – how about a novel idea – how about the Administration saving lives instead of knowingly killing people!

Let me start off with some thoughts – These discussions involve TRILLIONS of dollars – unfortunately, only a privileged few earn BILLIONS.  Global Warming – I personally think we have been conned.  I am separating Global Warming, Climate Change, and Earth Day – don’t lump them all together.  I would encourage everyone to watch

I owned a company called Strategic Energy Partners.  We researched and developed systems, products, services, etc. for homeowners, business, government – local, state, and national entities.   Continue reading