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Your Light Bulbs could make you sick

That is the headlines to the LifeStyle section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer for Tuesday September 25, 2012. I am not sure you would ever see an article like this in a major western countries news outlet. However, we do have some honest reporters and honest news still in some countries! So many major western countries have mandatory laws now dictating the use of Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL’s) – by law! Here at Asia Green – we advocate for the Environment and WELLNESS – this is truly an issue that spans both areas. “A recent study by scientists of Stony Brook University in New York determined that curlicue or spiral-shaped CFLs emit UV (ultraviolet) rays from cracks in the coating that can harm human skin cells. Apart from UV rays, CFL’s and fluorescent tubes contain mercury powder or vapor that is dangerous to health when inhaled.” Sounds like a pretty powerful statement about light bulbs mandated by governments – and how they harm populations.

Additionally, according to Filipino-Chinese Dr. Juanito “SAM” C. Uy, “CFL’s with the conventional fluorescent tubes, could be health hazards. UY said most people believe that mercury leaks only when the bulbs break. Tat’s true too, he said, but they also leak mercury vapor into a room all the time – from the minute they are switched on to the time they are switched off.” O K – now by government mandate, we are slowly killing ourselves, our families – in the home and at work. What to do? We know if we use the “old” light bulbs, we will be fined and might go to jail and the Environmentalists go crazy. I can imagine protests on the front lawns! Even though they are probably the least educated of society when it actually comes to wellness and the environment. The Environmentalists have different motivates! What do we do – We advocated strongly the use of Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s). Why? Well, at typical fluorescent tube has 7,000-8,000 hours. AN LED has 40,000-60,000 hours. LED’s have three to four more years of life than CFLs and fluorescents. LED’s typically have a five-year product warranty and 10-year warranty on repairs. CFL’s have typically 60-90 lumens (units of brightness) per watt. LED’s have 110-140 lumens per watt. Example – a 20W CFL can be replaced by a four-watt LED – it will be just as bright, use less energy, is RECYCLABLE, does not harm the environment or people, is directional, etc. Just makes so much sense to use LED’s over what is mandated by the government! I would ask everyone to rethink their strategy.

Check it out at the local hardware store. 4th Generation LED’s make much more sense than CFL’s! Much safer, healthier, use much less electricity, and last more than 4 times longer! By the way – checkout the mandated government procedure for getting rid of one CFL bulb or fluorescent bulb – it is over 7 pages of instructions – LED’s recycle! So – use LED’s – no need to buy a new bulb for 10-20 YEARS! We hope everyone takes a moment and understands there are alternatives that are cheaper, healthier, and much more advantageous for the environment. When the government finds out about how they are mandating the killing of the environment (where do we throw the mercury laden CFL’s – that the mercury has a great chance of ending up in our drinking water!), mandating the slow death of its population – as already proven by scientific studies – their answer might be – “Well, we meant well!” Is that good enough? We strongly advocate the use of LED’s. Check it out at the local hardware store – ask for 4th Generation LED’s! Regards