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Immediate Health Warning! Immediate Attention required!

As cited in the below link “Introduced in the 1970s, the compound triclosan has become an increasingly popular ingredient in many antibacterial soaps and other personal-care items, such as deodorants and mouthwashes.

However, as the chemical’s popularity continues to grow, a recent report has raised concerns about some frightening risks that triclosan could pose to public health.” We need to spread the word! ”Primarily used in antibacterial hand soaps, triclosan can also be found in a number of bath and household products, including mouthwashes, toothpastes, deodorants, bedding, washcloths and towels, kitchen utensils and toys.” All of these items are with us each and every day!

Asia Green Group advocates all-natural, organic solutions to man-made chemicals. We have used Triclosan for over 40 years in our daily lives – and it is only now that we discover this hidden danger? We offer all-natural, organic products that replace harmful man-made chemicals. As it turns out, nature provides cheaper and more effective methods to replace our man-made chemicals! I have attached below article as a reference to some of the dangers of Triclosan!

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2012/08/14/chemical-in-many-antibacterial-soaps-linked-with-impaired-muscle-function/?test=latestnews#ixzz23btqQhfv .We offer all-natural, organic products at www.asiagreen.org.