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Testimonials on Mangosteen Health Benefits

There is real science behind the Mangosteen health benefits, but perhaps nothing is as inspiring and as

helpful as the personal testimonials of individuals who have experienced the health benefits of


Mangosteen provides so many health benefits that those who hear or read about them for the first time

may be saying, "It's just too good to be true!"

Here are personal testimonials from those who have been helped by the powerful phytoceuticals in


Several years ago, my 3 year old son Gabe, had a digestive disorder that caused him to throw up after

nearly every meal. He suffered from this for several years, often throwing up in the middle of the night

and in the car. His doctors ran many tests and biopsies, and put him on lots of meds, yet nothing really

helped. My brother heard of the Mangosteen juice Xango. We gave some to him every day. Within only

three days, he went from throwing up daily, to only a few times a month. About two months into giving

him the juice, we could not afford to keep him on it. I found Mangoxan was much more affordable and

seeing it had more Xanthones in it, it was a no-brainer. We switched to Mangoxan and have been using

it ever since. Today, my son Gabe has totally recovered and I am a grateful dad. We frequently give

Mangoxan to all our kids and call it "super juice." Thank you for this excellent product! –

Jonathan Chamblee


My name is Heather Mabey and I live in Rothesay New Brunswick. Personally, I have been struggling to

breathe for many years and using a lot of meds, and sprays to keep me going. I was becoming very

depressed due to my lack of ability to function normally. The meds/sprays caused me a lot of depression

because I could not even pull weeds from my garden, climb a set of stairs, vacuum my home or carry my

groceries into the house with out having to use the sprays. I got that I could not sleep, I developed low

energy, and I became very depressed and was gaining weight. After 3 full days on Mangoxan I felt like a

new person; I am sleeping like a baby, my depression is gone, I now have energy galore, and a very

positive attitude. My lungs seem to be much better, I am only using my sprays about 1/3 of the time and

I feel like I have my life back! –

H. Mabey


I have osteoarthritis in my right knee and am limited in my ability to walk. Whenever I sit down for any

length of time, I have a difficult time standing up as my knee "locks" and I have to rise slowly until it

unlocks and I have to walk slowly at first. It has been like this for three years. After one week on

Mangoxan (5 oz. daily) I suddenly realized I was standing up and walking normally. I have taken Celebrex

ever since my knee scope almost three years ago. I take it once a day, but I am going to see how I do

without it for a few days. I have also been able to discontinue my antibiotic for my skin, another plus. –

Loene A.

JS., SLC, BC testimonials.html

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