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3 Easy steps to be miserable! I don’t think I could live like this but the sad truth is that MANY DO!

1.Be as self-absorbed as possible. Make sure every situation at work or at home is primarily about your thoughts, your feelings, your welfare. Talk about yourself. Think about yourself. Make sure the point of every action is to accrue some personal benefit.

2.See yourself as a victim. Observe that life has conspired against you. View others as the source of your problems. Blame them for your frustrations and setbacks. Tell yourself that you are helpless in your particular set of circumstances.

3.Spend a lot of time ruminating. Go over past negative events again and again. Think about things that make you angry. Dwell on what makes you bitter. Remember how you were hurt in the past and who was responsible. Spend a lot of time reliving and re-experiencing these events in your mind.

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