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Welcome to some great news!  We search the world to bring the best to the world!  Several years ago, we discovered a product:  PLANTEX!

Plantex  All-In-One Solutions is a mixture of plant extracts largely derived from Musa Paradisiaca (Banana) combined with earth minerals and substances in a highly concentrated liquid form. It contains a variety of nutrients, minerals, and potent enzymes that can break or digest any organic or inorganic substance from various sources.  All-Natural, Organic!

Why is this important?  We espouse in our daily lives and as a company: Environment and Wellness.  Plantex fits our vision perfectly.  Checkout  We have many products that use the Plantex All-In-One solution.  Imagine a solution that can be used for cleaning and washing your hair!  All-Natural, Organic.

How to use All-In-One Solution:  Disinfectant, Odor Eliminator, Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Grease Cutter / Digester, Compost Activator, Wastewater Treatment Solution, and more! I did not know previously, but now know and have been educated that insects do not like Banana’s!  All-In-One is used as an Insect Repellent!

Here, the common use of insect repellent is “Baygon(R).”  Baygon is a great chemically based repellent.  I believe, not being a scientist, that the use of Baygon inhibits the use of the respiratory system for insects.  Close all the windows and doors.  Spray Baygon; wait a couple of hours; open the doors and windows.  All the insects are dead!  WOW!  However, the smell of Baygon is still in the air.  Baygon is heavier than air.  Baygon has settled on the pillow, the sheets, the bed, the flat surfaces, the clothes, etc.  It has not disappeared.  Now imagine that all the insects are gone and we lay our babies in that bed on that pillow – and we wonder why our children have asthma!  We wonder why our kids are sick!  Yes, it is very effective.  How about an alternative that is all-natural, organic!  I did not know that Banana’s work!  Here I pick on Baygon – but there are many examples of chemicals that kills – remember –

What you kill can kill you!”

Another example of how Mother Nature works if we just give her a chance!  Great-Grandmothers knew that if you rubbed the inside of a banana peel on a wart – the wart would fall off.  The banana enzymes at work.  In our modern society, we use harsh chemicals that actually “Burn” the wart – of course causing harm!  We have children in the province that have head lice.  The normal solution is to use harsh chemicals on the scalp  –  or sit for hours and have someone pick the lice from the hair.  We have experienced that when children use the Plantex Soap – the lice fall out of their scalps and hair!  No more lice – all-natural, organic.

If we give Mother Nature a chance instead of our human, chemically induced solutions, we can realize a clean, environmentally friendly, and a life of wellness!  Kids in the neighborhood, when they have a stomach ache or LBM, come to us.  We give them one drop of All-In-One if a glass of water – upset stomach and LBM clears up within an hour!  Mother Nature in action!

We invite everyone to  Look up some of the products – please don’t think chemicals – all-natural, organic!




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